What is a Site Engineer CORE Network?

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What is a Site Engineer CORE Network?

Сообщение olivajohn » 23 апр 2020, 21:38

A site engineer CORE network is a person tasked with installing telecom core nodes to allow firms in the sector to provide coverage for their customers. Site engineers for CORE networks need to be able to supervise and implement cabling, grounding, and cooling, and creating building drawings.

IT and telecom companies need site engineer CORE network for site investigation, documentation, and a range of support activities, including pre-studies.

Field Engineer also gives site engineers all the tools they need to find suitable freelance work. Site engineers join the platform and start applying for jobs posted by employers. Employers will then look at their track record, reviews from previous jobs, and make their selection. Field Engineer gives freelancers access to hundreds of potential employers in the IT and telecoms industry, all in need of site engineer CORE network services.

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